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Where to find Broad Oak Sports & Social Club

QR Code for location Please Note: The position shown on this map IS CORRECT and was derived from GPS co-ordinates.  Most other maps available on the web are derived from our postcode, which we share with other businesses up to half a mile away.

+50° 49' 44.71", -1° 3' 28.01" (Decimal: 50.829085, -1.05778)

or scan the image to the right if you have a smart phone.
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The map below shows the effect of a rise in sea level on the Portsmouth area.

If you wonder what the effect of melting polar ice would be you can adjust the sea level.
If all the ice on Greenland melted the sea would rise by about 7 meters.
If the Antarctic ice all melted the sea would rise by 60 metres.

climate change web icon

The Club are not trying to present expert opinion on the subject of Climate Change but if you click on the large picture above you will go to another website with links to sources for futher study. The sea level map is provided purely for interest. When you see reports in the media of what will happen to sea level by 2050 or whenever you can at least see whether your property or workplace will be affected.

Next Event at Broad Oak Sports & Social Club

Saturday 10th August 2019


Tickets: £1

Bar open 19:00 to midnight.