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Broad Oak Social Club - Frequently Asked Questions


About the Websites

Question 1 I received an e-mail saying that the What's On? page has been updated but it still looks the same.

Answer Your browser is displaying a cached (stored) copy of the page. Try holding down the Shift key whilst clicking on the Refresh button. That should cause the page to reload rather than display the stored version. To check that it worked look at the very bottom line of the page. You will see something like:

$Date: 2011-11-06 11:37:27 +0000 (Sun, 06 Nov 2011) $

This is a tag that is maintained by the Software Version Control System. It updates when the page is updated.

If you received news of an update in an email then the timestamp at the bottom of the relevant page should not be older that the date of the email. Note that there will be a discrepancy in the time of day as the mail is sent shortly after the page is updated.

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Question 2 Some of the external links on the pages are blocked (comment from several Airbus employees)

Answer This is due to your Company's Internet Usage Policy.You will get a warning page saying that the page has been blocked. Firstly, don't worry. You won't get into any trouble. Most corporate users have restrictions on the sites that employees can access. In Airbus's case they block sites relating to alcohol and tobacco in addition to the usual 'X' rated and gambling sites.

The Social Club website has been listed as an exception so you should never have any problems getting to the main site or the blog. If you do, please let me know. Note that this website is also accessible via the Intranet at Airbus.

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Question 3 The website I want to visit is blocked on the Club Wi-Fi

Answer This is due to our filter, which is set up to block access to sites that may be unsuitable for children or could render the Club liable to prosecution. Some legitimate sites will also be blocked. However, they can be unblocked very quickly if you need to access them. The window that appears when a blocked site is encountered has a link to 'Contact your network administrator'. Click this and enter the details of the problem. Please include the URL of the site you want unblocked in the message box.

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Facilities Hire

Club Membership

Question 4 Can children come into the Members Lounge, anytime / when events are on?

Answer Yes, of course! The front page of the website stresses that we are a family-friendly club. The only proviso is that they are supervised at all times and don't run in the bar as this is dangerous. If they have Nintendo games that can use WiFi please ask for the password at the bar. It is free to use.

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Next Event at Broad Oak Sports & Social Club

BOSC Logo Decades Saturday 24th March 2018


We are Decades and this is “Story of the Man Band“.
A show created by Three friends that captures the real evolution of the “Man Band”.
Join Steven, Terry and Russell on a journey through the Decades and experience the man bands that changed the music game forever.
Let us transport you back to the 1960’s as we relive hit songs from the likes of The Beach Boys, music of The Jersey Boys and the ultimate man band – The Beatles. Why not rock out to some 1970’s Status Quo or hit the boardwalk with our tribute to The Drifters. We also hit the 80’s hard with our unique take on a variety of 80’s classics.
Choose life… choose the 1990’s. Join us as we celebrate our favourite one hit wonders of a decade filled with instant classics.
Then join us, as we celebrate the music of the group that made man bands cool again… Take That.
Story of the man band is a show for all the family to enjoy.

Three Friends, Seven Decades, One Amazing Show… Decades – Story of the Man Band.

Tickets: £5

Bar open 19:00 to midnight.