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Broad Oak Sports & Social Club Committee

Your Executive Committee
Role Name E-Mail Address
   Click on any e-mail address to send mail. 
  Chairman   Gary O'Donnell (BAE)   
  Vice Chairman   ???   
  Club Secretary   Gary O'Donnell   
  Honorary Treasurer   Vacant   
  Membership Secretary   Steve Glover   
     Jan Chalk
  Entertainment Organizer   Vacant   
     Trevor Morgon
     Sue Glover   
     Gerry Wheeler (BAE)

NB The first five roles in the table above comprise the Officers of the Club as per The Club Constitution.

Voting rights are restricted to BAE and Airbus members of the committee.

Any member may nominate a BAE or Airbus member of the committee for any vacant posts by sending an e-mail to

NB: It is illegal for any Club employee or a supplier of goods or services to be appointed to the committee.

Committee members please note: You may e-mail the whole Committee by sending an e-mail to the following address: If you need to include the Club Manager and/or accountant please add their addresses as shown below.

This gets around the problem caused by some of our corporate spam filters automatically rejecting any mail list containing hotmail addresses. Also, please use the e-mail addresses above if you want to address individual members. This will stop you from getting grief from your IM departments about private e-mail as they are clearly connected with legitimate Club business.

NB: If you are not a Committee Member, the group e-mail address will not work for you. Please click one of the individual addresses.

Those with Social Club Mail account can click here to log in.

Senior Employees (Required to attend Committee Meetings)
Role Name E-Mail Address
   Click on any e-mail address to send mail. 
  Club Manager   Geoff Craig
  Accountant   Patricia Fidler

Note: Club e-mail addresses, as above, are available for committee, staff and sub-section contacts if required.

They can be set up as 'forwarders' to automatically pass the e-mail to one or more existing addresses (e.g. work and home) or they can be used as normal addresses to send and receive mail. Subdomains are also available, e.g.

Next Committee Meetings (17:00 Start):

  • Monday 15th September
  • Monday 17th November

Next Event at Broad Oak Sports & Social Club

BOSC Logo Decades Saturday 24th March 2018


We are Decades and this is “Story of the Man Band“.
A show created by Three friends that captures the real evolution of the “Man Band”.
Join Steven, Terry and Russell on a journey through the Decades and experience the man bands that changed the music game forever.
Let us transport you back to the 1960’s as we relive hit songs from the likes of The Beach Boys, music of The Jersey Boys and the ultimate man band – The Beatles. Why not rock out to some 1970’s Status Quo or hit the boardwalk with our tribute to The Drifters. We also hit the 80’s hard with our unique take on a variety of 80’s classics.
Choose life… choose the 1990’s. Join us as we celebrate our favourite one hit wonders of a decade filled with instant classics.
Then join us, as we celebrate the music of the group that made man bands cool again… Take That.
Story of the man band is a show for all the family to enjoy.

Three Friends, Seven Decades, One Amazing Show… Decades – Story of the Man Band.

Tickets: £5

Bar open 19:00 to midnight.