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Martial Arts New Jersey offers many different classes such as jiu-jitsu, karate, kickboxing, self-defense courses and more. If you are in the NJ area and are looking for one of the best martial arts academies around, visit

Yoshinkan Aikido Club

Aikido Club Logo Yoshinkan Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art taught to the Japanese Riot Police, which when used for self defence can counter many  different attacks. Ken Shin Kai teaches Yoshinkan Aikido and is a member of the Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation (AYF) based in Tokyo, Japan.

Learn to defend yourself by blending with an attacker's power, dispersing his energy, and finally, throwing or controlling the attacker.  In addition to aiding weight loss, increasing fitness, stamina & balance and developing self-confidence. Weapons classes are also available.

Ken Shin Kai is also a member of the British Aikido Board,  which is recognised by the Sports Council as the Governing Body for Aikido in the United Kingdom.

All Club Instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience, with Instructors having a minimum of 5 years experience. All hold governing body and  internationally recognised qualifications, first aid qualifications and insurance. All have been CRB checked to ensure that you have a safe and qualified  environment in which to learn the martial art of Aikido.

Classes are available locally in Portsmouth and Fareham.

Please see our website for further details.

Contact: Dee Masters at

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Saturday 10th August 2019


Tickets: £1

Bar open 19:00 to midnight.